Meet Our Donors

Jeanne Hutchison

Dedicated Hospital Volunteer Jeanne Hutchison Establishes Stroke Endowment

Jeanne was a beloved member of the French Hospital family, starting her volunteer service in 2007 and volunteering until three days before she fell ill, passing on January 7, 2016. As a volunteer, she worked the floor and spent many hours delivering newspapers to hospital patients. She created a lasting impact on her community by establishing an endowment in support of the stroke program at French Hospital Medical Center. The endowment supports new technology, staffing education, and community outreach/promotion. The fund also helps support the needs of stroke patients in the Emergency Department.

Carol Judd

Carol Judd Supports Education at French Hospital

Carol Judd understood the importance of education for health professionals. The Carol S. Judd Family Scholarship Endowment was set up with the exclusive purpose of providing scholarships to nurses and/or technicians employed by French Hospital Medical Center, and working in the Copeland, Forbes and Rossi Cardiac Care Center. The Judd Family Endowment has provided funding for cardiac nurses to attend much needed training.


If You can Make a Difference, You Should

Jim Sargen believes you should make a difference. As a local business owner and philanthropist, Jim has always believed in the importance of good health. After experiencing firsthand the compassion and quality of care provided to patients at French Hospital, Jim started to consider how the future quality of health care would affect the lives of his family and friends, and what he could do to make sure his community had the best health care possible on the Central Coast. Adding a bequest to his estate plan to benefit French Hospital was a natural next step for him. “If you want to do something worthwhile in your life that is helpful to you personally, and at the same time is equally helpful in your community, then making a gift is the right thing,” says Jim.

Bob and Carol Kerwin

Bob and Carol Kerwin Provide for Capital Improvements at French Hospital

The Kerwins chose to make their gift through a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) as a way to give to a worthy charity, as well as generate a steady income during their lifetimes. "We have always believed that charitable giving, whether of our time or financial support, is a worthy commitment," said Bob Kerwin. "This is our home, our community and French Hospital is our hospital of choice."


Physician Family Provides for the Future of French Hospital

French Hospital is where Dr. Ke-Ping Tsao started his surgical practice and where he feels he spent his best and most successful times as a community leader.  Dr. Tsao and his wife Su feel they have been lucky to be part of such a great community and want their community to continue to be prosperous, confident, and healthy. “When we leave this life, what better way to help the community than to leave a planned gift. The people at French Hospital act so bravely, with such integrity, and with such concern for members of our community. As a place to leave a legacy, I cannot think of a better organization for that legacy to be sustained,” says Dr. Tsao.

Marcie and John Lindvall

Marcie and John Lindvall Support Cardiac Care

Marcie and John Lindvall are so dedicated to ensuring the future of the Copeland, Forbes and Rossi Cardiac Care Center that they established the Cardiac Care Endowment Fund. "We wanted to make sure that French Hospital remains at the top of its game", John Lindvall said. "When Marcie and I decided to give to French Hospital, we knew it would help countless individuals for years and years to come, creating a lasting legacy of caring for cardiac patients in our community. We hope people will continue to give from their hearts to help save a heart."


Local Ranch Owners Designate a Portion of Their Ranch to Benefit French Hospital

Stan and Barbara Clark decided to give back to French Hospital as a result of the care that Stan received when he unexpectedly had to be taken by ambulance to French Hospital. The Clarks were so appreciative of the exceptional care they received at French Hospital that they made an initial generous contribution to support the “French – Well Into the Future” campaign. As their relationship with the hospital continued to develop, the Clarks made the decision to establish a significant estate gift through their Charitable Remainder Trust, benefitting the patients of French Hospital for years to come.


Volunteer Supports the Hearst Cancer Resource Center

Rochele “Rocky” Ullum spent a lot of time at French Hospital while both her husband and her elderly parents sought treatment for medical issues. Rocky was inspired by the excellent medical care her family received, as well as the compassion of the volunteers, so she became a volunteer when she retired as a way to give back. When she revised her estate plan, she again thought of giving back to the hospital and decided to include a planned gift in the revision. It was a small change to make, but she knows it will make a big impact. Rocky chose for her bequest to support the Hearst Cancer Resource Center at French Hospital, a cause dear to her heart after losing a loved one to cancer.

Jim Flanagan

Jim Flanagan Supports Nursing Education

As a retired professor of Animal Science, education has always been a passion of Jim’s. He set up the James R. Flanagan Educational Advancement Endowment to support educational opportunities for nursing and other professional staff at French Hospital. His support also made possible the creation of the James R. Flanagan Simulation Learning Center which provides high tech manikins to simulate human medical conditions. “I know that providing health care educators with this cutting edge technology will provide state-of-the-art training that couldn’t otherwise be conducted on the Central Coast,” said Jim.


Loss of Loved One Leads to an Estate Gift

Karen Chubon felt a strong connection with the Hearst Cancer Resource Center (HCRC) because her mother, Carol Thompson, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma years earlier. Karen traveled back and forth from California to the east coast to help with her care. Watching her mother turn a negative situation into a positive one, it became very important to Karen to give back to others going through similar situations. As a result, she began her volunteer work at the HCRC. Karen and Steve Chubon made a significant contribution to the HCRC, naming the Nurse Navigator Office in honor of her mother, and later decided to add the Hearst Cancer Resource Center to their estate plan, leaving a lasting legacy for cancer patients and their families for years to come.

Burke and Rena Dambly

Burke and Rena Dambly Leave a Lasting Legacy

"As a patient at French Hospital, I always received outstanding treatment. Whether I started at the Admissions desk or in the Emergency Department, I was treated with respect, compassion and courtesy throughout my visit," said Burke Dambly. "I witnessed the dedication of the nurses, the physicians, and the obvious attention to detail from food service and environmental services staff. During my last visit to French, I knew I wanted to turn my appreciation for my health care into a legacy gift."

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